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FlexD develops, manufactures and provides flexible display solutions. With much attention in recent years on flexible display technologies from material sciences to practical applications, FlexD aims to be a leader in the electronic display industry, providing comprehensive design-to-manufacturing film LCD display solutions and ‘Displaying Endless Possibilities’.

Operating from Hiroshima, Japan, FlexD’s film LCD panels used in 3D glasses and IC/Smart cards are manufactured from a roll-to-roll process delivering superior mechanical (lightweight & bendable), electrical (low consumption) and optical (brightness & transmittance) properties compared to the rigid and fragile conventional glass displays.

From display characteristics perspective, FlexD's film LCD panel is superior to its glass counterpart in terms of viewing angle and also eliminates the common shadow effect due to the thin film used. In terms of LCD display mode, FlexD film LCD panel adopts different kinds of passive type liquid crystal materials developed and used for glass displays. Depending on the type of applications, TN, STN, GH, PDLC, VA, CLC modes are available taking advantage of the film substrate used.


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